Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Ashlee's Band is the Lone Gunman.




Ashlee's Band is the Lone Gunman.

The image “http://images2.wireimage.com/images/thumbnail/3102971.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Episode 202 of the Ashlee Simpson show on MTV apparently shows Ashlee immediately after she's caught lip syncing for her fans. The show becomes dizzy due to the massive amount of spin thrust upon it, where the band is blamed multiple times. The band played the wrong tune! The next day, a guitar string was out of tune, THE BAND PLAYED THE WRONG TUNE OH GOD!

Seriously: What? Have you ever ever seen a musical act go on stage and perform the wrong song? If you have, haven't they immediately stopped, been all like "Oh yeah, sorry Mr. Clapton" and then started the correct song? The only times I can remember performers fleeing the stage were Ashlee Simpson on SNL and Milli Vanilli at the MTV music video awards.