Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Ashlee Simpson Hated : Again




Ashlee Simpson Hated : Again

Some unflattering press about Ashlee Simpson. This time, though, we're featuring cranks and bloggers. Not because there aren't any big media outlets trashing her - that's a bit far from the truth - but instead as, well, to give their crazy little voices some attention. The crazy (or lonely) and sane unite against Ashlee!

This is some aliens abducted Kennedy style musings. As best I can tell:


Your run-of-the-mill bloggers:


A couple poorly written and somewhat underdone Ashlee protests:


We earlier lauded her, but have you seen what this girl has done with her Ashlee Simpson petition?? She's turned it into a website that looks like she had Angelfire write it for her, and pointed every link to a Cafe Express store that holds about fifty badly designed and written T-Shirts. We hate Ashlee, but we hate this site too.


and, just for the sake of fairness - a page by a crazy person who really likes Ashlee. 200 Signatures. GO GIRL!