Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Campaign : Oscar Weekend 2005




Campaign : Oscar Weekend 2005

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So what did you do on Oscar weekend? Did you go to a party and bemoan the fact that "Sideways" wasn't being appreciated? How about the fact that "Primer" wasn't up for best editing or original screenplay? Did you have a discussion about how the Oscars are now just bought by big studios and that a ton of money is poured into them every year? Did you wonder, along with your film-school friends, about why they were covering what everyone was wearing?

Do you want to know what we did?

We snuck into the Oscars with the help of Kid Protocol and took a tour of the red carpet. We snuck into the Independant Spirit Awards as well, and capped it off with getting into a couple of the more exclusive Hollywood after-Oscar parties. We took snarky photos where we insulted celebrities, and made fun of the affair as best we could.

Why? Well because contrary to what E! will tell you, this is not a glamorous event. These parties are pedestrian, the people outside the red carpet are creeps, and the entire evening is a big circle-jerk for industry folks.

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