Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: H.O.P.E. at the Oscars I




H.O.P.E. at the Oscars I

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A massive success was scored for H.O.P.E. and the good people of the world as operatives Kid Protocol, Oscar and Able Lemon, Action J, and Danny Diamond infiltrated the red carpet at the Oscars, the Independant Spirit Awards, the Vanity Fair Party, and Katzenburg's "exclusive" affair at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

How did they get in?

Let's just say Kid Protocol is all he's cracked up to be and H.O.P.E. has a lot of friends and fans in high places.

We've got a lot of exclusive information that we'll be posting here over the next week, so make sure you come back and see all the new "behind the scenes" looks at what isn't happening "behind the scenes." We'll have a day to day countdown, culminating in our Oscars 2005 report.