Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Campaign : Ashlee Simpson




Campaign : Ashlee Simpson

We at H.O.P.E. feel our work and the American public's efforts on the
Ashlee Simpson front have created a situation where the menace of Ashlee Simpson is officially over. With sagging ticket sales on her tour and the national embarresments she's brought on herself, Ashlee has entered Milli Vanilli territory and is no longer viable commercially.

Her Yahoo buzz and Q rating (important measures for the talent impaired) are down and we believe the negative publicity has permeated all of the way to even disenfranchising her fragile fan base. That does not mean however that she is the last vapid pop tart that will be marketed to us in this way.

She is another in a long line of talentless celebrities that become famous for 3 reasons:

1. Talented/famous relative

2. Advertising dollars at work

3. Willing to do it

That applies to many, but Ashlee has a thirst for fame and a father/manager that seems to be willing to do or say anything to get her ahead. With your support, H.O.P.E. has been able to strike back!

The Anti-Ashlee petition was last year's most popular online petition, and our CD exchange has allowed for hundreds of tricked fans to rid themselves of her CDs. Currently, we're in the midst of distributing our Ashlee Simpson pledge across the U.S. during her tour.

Despite all this, Ashlee just won't stop. Please take a second to read our open letter to her.

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