Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Numbers, and Media Conglomerates, Sometimes Lie




Numbers, and Media Conglomerates, Sometimes Lie

So the next time you see a "news" story telling you Jamie Lynn Spears (or whoever the next pop tart we're subjected to) is tearing up the pop charts and is the hottest thing since sliced bread, keep in mind all of the following products (sliced bread included) that really do huge numbers.

15,800,000,000 - number of diapers sold annually
837,000,000 - number of packages of hot dogs sold at supermarkets in 2004
77,000,000 - number of Osmonds records sold worldwide
43,000,000 - number of rat traps sold annually in the USA
25,000,000 - number of David Cassidy records sold
19,000,000 - number of earthworms sold annually by one wholesaler
10,000,000 - number of Milli Vanilli records sold
3,686,677 - number of Pachinko machines sold annually
3,500,000 - number of Ashlee Simpson albums sold

We don't have to hear about the hottest kids toys, shoes, or watches on
a daily basis in the news, even in the entertainment section, so why
do we have to hear about these similarly manufactured, lower selling,

Why was the number of albums Ashlee Simpson sold a news story?