Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: We who are about to die, aspire to be you




We who are about to die, aspire to be you

The image ?http://www.strawberrynet.com/images/products/03492522706.jpg? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So Jennifer Lopez is going to have a big fashion show. You'd think everyone would be excited and be lavishing praise on her. There is a bit of lavishing going on, but not exactly the usual.

"We've only ourselves to blame because we've given celebrities these deranged feelings of omnipotence...she'll be doing brain surgery next."

"I would correlate J Lo's move to the runway with Sharon Stone's move to Davos" he said, referring to the actress' appearance at the World Economic Forum. "What in God's name are Sharon Stone's credentials to go talk at an economic forum?"

Ouch. So she doesn't have any business throwing her fashion show. Surely somebody has something good to say, yeah?

"We as consumers tip our hats to celebrities and say, 'You live the life we aspire to, so tell us how to dress,'"

Great. So celebrities get to do things they're not qualified for because we all want to be them. Is it a surprise that the everyday musings of bad celebrities are being made into news? There is an opinion out there that we aspire to be Jennifer Lopez. That we aspire to be known as a bitchy diva on set and that we aspire to make bad music and movies. That we aspire to be full of ourselves, and to make sure that every decision we make, no matter how banal, is news.