Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Kevin and Britney Curse Like Newlywed Sailors




Kevin and Britney Curse Like Newlywed Sailors

While Britney is terrible, the celebrity spawn of Britney is worse. We could, of course, be talking about her little sister...but alas we are speaking of another horror.

Kevin Federline. Britney has decided to not just marry him, but also to make him into a hip-hop star and blah blah blah blah. This guy is on the cover of Details. WHY!?

I guess because he's a good impregnator and managed to marry Britney Spears. They're in love, right? Well check out this just-barely out of context exchange and then follow the link for more.

Britney: Nothing gets to him ... Not my man. And that's why I married him, because he's not a shallow motherfucker Hollywood actor-guy.

Kevin: Yeah, baby!

: I've met grown men in this business that are a lot older than Kevin and they think I'm this dumb blonde, because I'm quote-Britney Spears-unquote. Men in Hollywood are just -- oh, my God, it's horrible. Babe, am I talking too much?

: Yeah, go away. [He laughs and hugs her.]

: Is it okay if I stay? I miss you when I'm not with you.

: I don't care.

Wow. I can't decide if it is stranger that Britney Spears quotes her own name or that this is about the most curse-free segment of the transcript we found.