Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: BSB redux




BSB redux

So the Backstreet Boys have a "sound" right? Maybe we don't all like it, but they're legitimate musicians, right?

Well, according to the website, it doesn't really sound like it. There's a pretty big post about how they recorded the next album, and it is filled with gems. We at H.O.P.E. have tried to translate their unbelievable post into real english:

Sifting through a pile of 100-150 songs that were written for them, the band recorded 40

Excuse me? Recorded 40 songs? Sounds like they put their heart and soul into every one of them.
Translation: We don't write our own music, and recorded an absurd amount of songs so they could be focus-grouped down to a manageable 12.

With the pop music world moving in a more rock-oriented direction since BSB last released an album, Dorough said the extra time was necessary to make sure they fit in with the current scene

Uh..ok. This is from the Backstreet Boys' own Fan Blog. These are quotes from their own people.
Translation: They tailored the album after what was popular and would sell. They want money.

Their musical heroes, Boyz II Men, collaborated on “Jealous” and Dorough described the Underdogs-produced “Not No More” as “us meets R. Kelly.”

Backstreet Boys. Boyz II Men. R Kelly.
Translation: We're ignorant of the undertones here.

Many of the songs feature live instrumentation and the familiar multi-voice harmonies are less prevalent than in the past. Dorough, 31, said the group - which wrote or co-wrote 10 songs - has enough material that it could release separate pop/rock and R&B albums if it wanted to, but he suspects the 10-to-15-track final result will be a mix of the two sounds.

Translation: TRAINWRECK.