Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: More Fallout From "Swept Away"




More Fallout From "Swept Away"

MADONNAWe have a contact who was in attendance (almost two years ago) for the premiere of Swept Away, and it sounds like it was quite an affair.

"Everyone was mincing around like they were going to a wake... It was held at a relatively small theatre in Los Angeles, with no sort of pretense outside of Madonna and Guy's limo... Afterwards, people hurried to their cars with little to say about the horror they viewed inside."

That was so two years ago! Who still remembers that crappy movie? Well the stars apparently do. Madonna is getting another role but is working for no money whatsoever. She's working for free because she needs new movies under her belt to dispel the stigma of her husband's abomination.

Isn't it a little sad that their marriage has produced no children, so the only thing they've created as a couple was Swept Away? If our baby was that ugly we'd do whatever we could to distract people as well.

CORRECTION: They do have some babies, but there is no report yet on whether or not they are as ugly or tiresome as Swept Away.