Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: The Ashlee Simpson Pledge




The Ashlee Simpson Pledge

We at H.O.P.E. feel our work and the American public's efforts on the
Ashlee Simpson front have created a situation where the menace of Ashlee Simpson is officially over. With sagging ticket sales on her tour and the national embarrassments she's brought on herself, Ashlee has entered Milli Vanilli territory and is no longer viable commercially.

Her Yahoo buzz and Q rating (important measures for the talent impaired) are down and we believe the negative publicity has permeated all of the way to even disenfranchising her fragile fan base. That does not mean that she is the last vapid pop tart that will be marketed to us in
this way.

It is with this in mind we have launched the Ashlee Simpson Pledge that
will be distributed to Ashlee concert goers at every stop on this, her
last tour.

It was inspired by The Yes Men's USA Patriot Pledge.

The concept behind the pledge is not to embarrass or make fun of Ashlee's fans, but to show how ridiculous these marketing campaigns are where these manufactured products are portrayed as musical phenomena with widespread support.

When you see the results of the pledge,it becomes crystal clear to anyone that Ashlee Simpson's career is nothing more than a marketing campaign that for a brief time effectively convinced children that Jessica's sister was what they should buy.

The pledge is a way to cement the concept for everyone without the
interest or initiative to see firsthand what really is driving the careers
of Ashlee Simpson, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, et al. The media
needs to take a responsible and healthy attitude towards guiding our
culture. Every day members of the media enforces their beliefs on the news. They make decisions on what to cover and not to cover, what they
consider acceptable advertising with moral and ethical considerations.

We believe they should start to take the responsibility of guiding our
culture more seriously from an artistic perspective as well.