Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Ashlee Simpson Continues Tour to Bottom of Barrel




Ashlee Simpson Continues Tour to Bottom of Barrel

Ashlee's tour has made it to suburban Chicagoland. We have been distributing the Ashlee Simpson pledge at many of her tour dates, and this was no exception. We spoke with many of her fans that were "totally unaware" of the money that is behind her marketing. After the show, we had a flood of negative responses from these same "fans."

The local paper seems to agree. Please check out this link for a local review of the show and the girl. Her performance bears the same hallmark the U.S failures in Vietnam and the U.S.S.R.'s problems in Afghanistan: That an overabundance of technology was unable to save what was, from the beginning, a lost cause.

- update: sorry, the Daily News took down the story. no link today. -