Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: The Great Gatsby Boy Band




The Great Gatsby Boy Band

F.Scott wrote "The Great Gatsby" - Possibly America's greatest novel.
Lance Bass is the one in the middle with the highlights.

From MTV News:

So what does Lance Bass have in common with hotel heiress Paris Hilton?

Well, besides being blonde and getting invited to socialite-stuffed shindigs, the 'NSYNC vocalist and the older half of the model/actress Hilton sisters are teaming up for the latest Hollywood take on an F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

"[It's] a remake along the lines of 'The Great Gatsby,' but younger," Bass explained at Wednesday's "Matrix Reloaded" premiere in Los Angeles. Bass will star in the currently-in-development flick, one of many he has on his plate.

There are some rumblings that this film is really going to happen. Rest assured, we at H.O.P.E. have a close eye on this situation, and the moment we hear "G2, The Remix" goes into production, we will wage a full scale campaign against it. We will also be meeting with California law makers and advocacy groups shortly to discuss collecting enough signatures to put a proposition up for vote in the State of California that would give artists the power to specify where in the public domain they allow their work to by used when the work is eligible. This proposition would keep classics out of the hands of the studios and ensure any artist who so desires could have their work remain unblemished by corporate greed indefinitely.