Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Paris Hilton Booed off Stage




Paris Hilton Booed off Stage

The following info is from the British paper "The Sun" - but for the life of me I can't find the article anywhere. I can find about a thousand blogs making reference to it, but not the original at all. The Sun's archive feature is about as useful as Ms. Hilton herself.

"Blonde socialite PARIS HILTON's attempts to establish her pop career failed miserably at the weekend (02-03OCT04) when she was booed off stage. Long known in her native America for her partying and shopping exploits, Hilton is keen to have a serious career since becoming an international name last year (03), when her sex tape with ex-boyfriend RICK SALOMAN was leaked onto the internet. Revelers in a Miami, Florida nightspot were disgusted with THE SIMPLE LIFE star's rendition of her debut single SCREWED, which according to Britain's THE SUN newspaper, was ''lip-synched''. Clubbers ignored Hilton's cover versions of DAVID BOWIE's FAME and a BLONDIE track. One reveler says, ''Paris quickly left.''

Capslock anyone?