Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Courtney Love : Crazed and Correct




Courtney Love : Crazed and Correct

The image “http://1.im.cz/n/photo/02/01/58kaekt-gallery.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So Courtney Love is a pretty polarizing figure in music. Whether you love or hate on her, you should check out this rambling tirade that she just put together over at Salon.

The problem with recommending this link, however, is the fact that she clearly either dictated the whole thing or had an epileptic editor do the final revision. It threatens to spin out of control at several points, and she has the annoying habit of making every paragraph one or two sentences long.

There are some interesting breakdowns that she makes of money in the industry, as well as insight as to how poorly artists are treated in nearly every aspect of the process. There are also lines like "You funny dot-communists. Get your shit together, you annoying sucka VCs" heading up paragraphs. So, eh...this is worth reading, but with big heaping grains of "shut up already."