Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: American Idol Revolution




American Idol Revolution

American Idol is popular and absurdly profitable. Unfortunately for the makers of this substandard Star-Search knock-off, there are also millions and millions of people that don't simply not watch the show - they actively don't like it and are sick of hearing about it. We aren't against things simply for being popular, but we are against the absurd propagation that shows like this are receiving. Tune into CNN.com the morning after an American Idol episode and the newest "not ready for primetime player" is featured like a real news item.

Some very clever people have decided to strike back against American Idol in a superbly interesting manner. They have been getting huge groups of people to call in and vote repeatedly...for the worst contestant available. This has allowed Scott Savol to enter the final 3, despite being wildly untalented and hated by the "judges".

Meanwhile, we've got other networks gearing up shows to specifically slam American Idol, as if it wasn't about to collapse under its own weight. So who kills American Idol first? Regardless of the outcome, we'll all be winners.


It seems votefortheworst has ceased to exist as a webpage, and their knight Scott Savol got voted off. The powers that be have nipped this one in the bud, folks.