Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Mc Rap : Beatboxing With a Fat Layrnx




Mc Rap : Beatboxing With a Fat Layrnx

The image “http://www.sxf-spotterlempio.de/AG/trabMC.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Mc Donalds is putting out big bucks to get the Big Mac into rap songs. They're trying to be the next "Pass the Courvoisier", only about crappy burgers not delicious, delicious alcohol. They're talking about paying rappers 1-5 dollars, per play...which is a whole hell of a lot of money with the 15 song rotations that most Clear Channel stations keep.

Once upon a time, you would turn on the radio and hear a good artist that a local DJ chose. This song, in turn, would have been written by an artist about something they wanted to express. Even if that sentiment was wanting to Mazzoom a zoom zoom in the Boom Boom, it was from the artist.

Now, you will turn on your radio to hear a station owned and operated by a giant conglomorate from "elsewhere". They will decide what you listen to by focus-grouping down to find the songs that will attract the most people in whatever demographic they're marketing their money to. They will have license to abuse YOUR airwaves in this manner given to them by your elected government.

Now, worst of all, those focus-grouped songs will also have advertising interjected mid-chorus for your listening pleasure.

Have you vomited yet?

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