Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Ashlee Simpson : Don't Forget




Ashlee Simpson : Don't Forget

Been wondering about the responses from our Ashlee Simpson Pledge? We've been following her tour across the United States and have received a level of response that even suprises our jaded eyes. We've had members at 20 of her tour stops, and have had 2380 pledges signed and turned/mailed in. Interested in the results? After each statement is the percentage of Ashlee Fans that agreed.

Ashlee Simpson is the best singer ever! 26%

Ashlee Simpson is a better singer than weird old people like Joni Mitchell and Elvis Costello because she's made more money and sold more albums. 39%

Ashlee Simpson is another in a long line of punk rock artists following in the footsteps of Blink 182 and Good Charlotte and deserves to be treated with the same respect. 42%

Ashlee Simpson was correct to blame her band for the mistakes made on SNL. 18%

I don't care that a lot of performers lip synch! Being able to sing well doesn't factor in to who I like! 39%

Acid reflux is a serious condition that impaired Ashlee Simpson on SNL. People making light of it do not understand this, and her inability to sing well live, were her sole reasons for lip synching. 42%

I think it is unimportant that Ashlee Simpson is famous purely because of her sister's fame and AOL Time Warner's marketing campaign. 45%

While her record label may pay radio stations a lot of money to play her songs, in my opinion this does not reflect on her music or the demand for it. 34%

Ashlee Simpson's lack of talent should not subject her to cruel treatment by the media or the American public. 16%

Although her record label, Geffen, has to hire professional singers to perform for Ashlee Simpson on her albums and must use these same recorded tracks to play at her concerts so she can lip synch, this does not mean that Ashlee Simpson isn't a great singer or talented performer. 18%

The 75,000 people who booed Ashlee Simpson off the stage at the Orange Bowl, 300,000 who signed a petition asking for Geffen to drop her from the label, and 298 million Americans who didn't buy her album are all just jealous. 32%

Turned in with Signatures but none checked off: .056%