Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Martin New FCC Head, In Other News : Benjamin Franklin Pissed




Martin New FCC Head, In Other News : Benjamin Franklin Pissed

Kevin Martin (the youth-minister looking, industry-friendly lawyer) is the new FCC chief, and it seems that he'll be ruling in much the same way that his predecessor did. His appointment makes a little more sense than Paul Wolfowitz (!!) to the World Bank, but it doesn't mean we're for it.

Quite the opposite. Kevin Martin looks to be the same sort of chief that Powell was. He's for further deregulation of the airwaves, and also for increased fines for "indecency". In fact, he thinks that last year's record setting fines were not enough, and that new fines should be imposed on a "per utterance" basis.

What else, you may ask? How about asking broadcasters to dedicate an hour of prime time each night to family-friendly programming. Better yet, he wants the FCC to give TV affiliates the right to reject network shows the deem imappropriate. These sorts of suggestions have been used in the past by the FCC to punish people that don't program along "moral" (read: pro-violence, anti-sex) guidelines.

While these attempts at regulation would be great if they were used to get Simple Life or (insert UPN sitcom here) off the air, they won't be. These are tools for media control and censorship, and we've no reason to assume that Kevin won't be using them for just that reason.

The FCC doesn't care about the wasting of our public airwaves. They care about the big industry that is entertainment being happy. Will Kevin do anything to stop Clear Channel from ruining radio? Don't bet the Farm. That's why industry-insiders are so happy about Kevin getting this promotion, and why you the viewer should be horrified.

We've nothing to look forward to besides the FCC continuing their morally bankrupt management of our public airwaves. If you'd like to learn more about Kevin Martin, try this link, this link, or this link.

If you're unsatisfied with this appointment, write your senator. Kevin does not require senatoral approval because he's already a standing member of the FCC, but that also means that any mail received about his appointment will be doubly unexpected. Make your voice heard!