Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: R.I.P. : U.S.A.




R.I.P. : U.S.A.

George Kennan died last week. He was a leading authority on the Soviet Union, helped keep the Cold War a cold war, and won the pulitzer TWICE. This true American hero also had some very interesting things to say about american media, including -

"I am startled to note the bleakness of the impressions of my own country…. I view the United States of these last years of the 20th century as essentially a tragic country, endowed with magnificent natural resources which it is rapidly wasting and exhausting, and with an intellectual and artistic intelligentsia of great talent and originality of which the dominant political forces of the country have little understanding or regard."

In our humble opinion, this is the sort of person that should be heading the FCC. It is people with these views that should be held up to high regard. And it is a shame that this man's death recieved less attention than Paris Hilton's sidekick.