Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: People do not realize how smart Tara Reid is




People do not realize how smart Tara Reid is

Tara Reid has always had a confusing "career" and "fame" because she's barely been in any movies and she's not particularly attractive. She does fall down drunk in front of cameras a lot but, so do a lot of really really stupid talentless actresses in Hollywood. We won't even get started on those silicon softballs she's got on her chest.

All this being said, Reid now insists that she is smart because she was able to play a genius anthropologist in a new move that's based on a video game. This logic, of course, is why we were defended in court by Denzel Washington after his gripping performance in Phillidelphia and why Sandra Bullock became our in-house IT support after The Net.

In her PR release to the New York Times, we were able to find the following lies, but if you find more feel free to email.

Truth is, she says, "I am a very smart girl, and people don't realize that."

The plot, Reid says, is "hard to explain, but once you see it, it is really a good movie. It's very smart." (While I haven't seen the movie it is based on a video game.)

"You can tell because I'm not flaky, and I will tell you how it is. I also walk faster than they walk in L.A."

"I think people are going to believe me in that character and see I am capable of diversity."