Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: America's Favorite Movie Stinks




America's Favorite Movie Stinks

#1 with a bullet covered in feces, it is the new Ice Cube vehicle. There is no shortage on great things Ice Cube once did well, but lately it seems like he's trolling for scripts out of the dumpster behind Steve Martin's house. (We do like Steve Martin, and we do like Ice Cube...what we're getting at is that they pick bad scripts. Bad, bad...bad scripts.)

Also important to note is that this movie gets a 2.9 (out of 10) at IMDB. Metacritic, which averages a ton of reviewers, gives it a 30 (out of 100). So the question is, if everyone hates this movie, why did it just make a lot of money? Could it have something to do with the absurd amount of advertising coupled with the dead-in-the water competition?