Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Powell Steps Down, Party to be Short Lived




Powell Steps Down, Party to be Short Lived

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Michael Powell is finally gone, and he has no replacement yet. So for the first time in the last seven and a half years, there isn't a nepotistically appointed, industry-controlled figurehead that is actively betraying the public trust that he swore to uphold.


His possible successors:

Michael D. Gallagher- Mr. Powell's preferred choice. He has no record concerning the most important choices that will face him, including the size of media companies, internet telephone companies, or the expansion of indecency rules for cable. The fact that Powell likes him makes us fear we'd be in for more of the same.

Kevin J. Martin- He worked on Bush's campaign and then was appointed to a commission job. His wife works for Cheney, and he's gotten mad at the commission in the past for not being more aggressive in enforcing indecency rules. Great.

If you are interested in who becomes the new FCC chief, please visit FreePress' site and petition. They're trying to get a candidate that will "defend the public interest and promote a more democratic media system."