Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Misguided by Voices




Misguided by Voices

The image “http://www.parentstv.org/PTC/shows/Images/jnarc.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Let's start with a disclaimer: We are not in support of the PTC. At all. They back a lot of shows that are an awful waste of time. They also and speak out against shows not because of their quality, but rather because of their "moral offenses". Their presence on this blog is an illustrative one.

The parent's television council sits around and decides what they're offended by. Then they post clips on their site and ask viewers to get indignant and write to the FCC, or the show's advertisers. They also recommend sites that are "family friendly." If you're wondering about their criteria : They recommend 7th Heaven and they've got lots of problems with any show that mentions demons.

You know what's important about this site, besides the inherent laugh-at factor?

These people are getting it done. They're offended by sex or demons or the word "piss" being on TV, and they're writing in and giving these shows flack. They're making a change in our culture by not sitting around and complaining to one another. They are going to decide that American Idol (one of their recommendations) is great for your family, and they're going to tell your senator.

Are you sick of the way Paris Hilton is being marketed to us? Could you do without a sequel to Kangaroo Jack? Well then Join H.O.P.E. and help us! We've made great strides, but the reason the PTC can get shows pulled and changed is because they have a lot of people and money behind them. Maybe you've always been a little envious of the ability that groups like the PTC have to accomplish their goals.

We've got a devoted staff, members, and ideas.

What we need is you.