Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Who's Your Daddy?




Who's Your Daddy?

We are sympathetic to Deborah Cantone and the plight of all those who are personally offended by this show's treatment of the adoption process, however, we at H.O.P.E. object to the show purely on the grounds that it is unimaginative, talentless, and boring reality drivel. The American public deserves programming with thought, effort, and creativity behind it... not rehashed Springer episodes.

There is an e-mail campaign attempting to stop this hideous show, scheduled to air in the U.S. on January 3rd by the name of Who's Your Daddy? The campaign was started by Deborah Cantone, CEO and president of a charity organization that goes by the name of "As Simple As That."

The groups mission is to "foster self-esteem in children and teach them to accept, respect, and celebrate all cultures, choices and abilities." Their objection to the show is that it turns the adoption process into a hideous game show. Again, we will reiterate that H.O.P.E.'s objection is that this show is the definition of pedestrian entertainment and we and the American public are bored to tears of being shocked to death. Who's Your Daddy? is like Ricki Lake to the 5th power and that's a tired act we've seen.

The campaign already has 5,000 signatures and although Fox has filmed 6 episodes, due to the onslaught of negative publicity have only scheduled one to air. Let's join in and put this monstrosity away for good. It worked when people protested The Beverly Hillbillies reality show, and due to the negative press Fox has received already advertisers are starting to pull out of the show. If we keep making our voice heard, and they start losing money on this trash, they'll get the picture eventually and start looking for the next Seinfeld instead of the next Who Wants to Marry My Dad?

Again, be advised this is not a moral stance on the show and if you are signing the campaign through H.O.P.E. please indicate that.