Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Good News For Dead Authors and Just About Everyone Else!




Good News For Dead Authors and Just About Everyone Else!

A missive from our insider:

Hello H.O.P.E.!

You have no idea how damn happy I am that you all
exist. Seriously. I love you all.

I have a little inside info for you on the Jay G.
movie. I am quite embarrassed to say that I have had
business dealings in the past with Lance Bass and his
production company A Happy Place, which has now been
renamed Bacon & Eggs. (I'm only guessing Lancey is
going for a new grown-up image to match his new
grown-up nose?) I have it on good authority that his
producing partner, Wendy Thorlakson, is trying to get
"Jay G." made, but she is no longer trying to do it
with Lance or goddamn Paris Hilton attached to star in
it. I can only assume the buzz has been so terrible,
she had no choice.

The story is actually an adaptation of a novel written
by Gordon Korman called "Jake, Reinvented." The novel
was fairly well reviewed and is an updating of sorts
of Fitzgerald's "Gatsby." However, in the hands of a
former boy band member turned wanna-be cosmonaut from
Mississippi and his dippy little gal-pal, God only
knows how awful it will be.

Like I said, I have had business dealings with A Happy
Place/Bacon & Eggs and while I am quite glad to no
longer be in business with them, I know what a
vindictive pain-in-the-ass Wendy and Lancey-Poo can be
and I really don't want to face their wrath. So please
keep me anonymous and I will keep you posted when or
if I hear more.

Keep up the good work!
-- Deep Throat