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HOPE Tracts : In a City Near You

H.O.P.E. has begun distributing informative tracts in cities across the United States. Feel free to download and print your own to distribute.



H.O.P.E.: Bringing Music to the Masses

We believe when the public spends their hard earned dollars, they are entitled to know what they are spending it on. To this end, H.O.P.E. is working on having legislation introduced that calls for a full disclosure when lip-synching or miming will be performed at any live musical performance.

Misrepresenting a sale is fraud. The only thing that has kept it from being classified as such by the government for this long is the deep pockets media conglomerates and entities like Clear Channel and Ticketmaster who feel the need to protect the substandard products they're peddling from actually singing.

The voice of the people (and the performers we are paying to see) will be heard
. The great men and women of the H.O.P.E. Creighton chapter will be heading this fight, and Music for America is on board pledging their support. More to come...

The Truth in Music Proposition -- Full Disclosure on All Lip-Synching and Miming

Live concerts are meant to be exactly that: live. If, however, a performer believes the best possible show for their audience involves lip-synching or miming to pre-recorded tracks, we simply ask for full disclosure to allow the public to decide if this is the kind of entertainment they want to see.

We are asking for a disclosure notice on all advertisements and promotional tools including but not limited to: fliers, TV, print, and radio ads. A disclosure label is to be placed on tickets as well. Additionally, an announcement is to be made before the performance stating the show the audience is attending is not entirely live and will involve lip-synching and miming.

Failure to report these acts of deception would force the promoters to face fines upwards of $50,000, as well as lose their event licenses. The concert venue would be forced to refund all profits from the fraudulent show (to be distributed amongst ticket holders), and artists found guilty of the defrauding of their fans would forfeit their incomes from the show.



H.O.P.E. on Campus... The Students of Creighton Hear the Call!

H.O.P.E. is very proud to welcome an official on-campus chapter at Creighton University as the charge has been taken up by chapter president Josh Potter (pictured left) and vice president Andrew Bowles. These outstanding leaders of men have big plans for their chapter and will spearhead the upcoming H.O.P.E. Lip Synch Disclosure Law campaign.

An article from the Creighton paper by Matt VanEpps:

As much as Ashlee Simpson would like to forget the Saturday Night Live lip-sync debacle from 2004, the American public won’t let her.

In fact, it is the mission of the organization H.O.P.E. (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment) to ensure that the average citizen will never be subjected to such a catastrophe ever again.

According to the organization’s website, “H.O.P.E.'s goal is to bring quality to the world of entertainment while working outside of the traditional network, record label, and studio structure.” Bands which are trying to make a name for themselves have a lot of trouble entering the oversaturated market, whereas celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton have released albums without any discernable musical talent.

“We really support artists who write their own music,” vice president Andrew Bowles said. “A lot of the nation is put up to having to listen to [Ashlee Simpson].”

To broaden the average listener’s horizons, H.O.P.E. offers a CD exchange, offering “higher entertainment quality” music, such as Elvis Costello, Aretha Franklin or Ray Charles, in exchange for the current “hits” from the Simpson sisters, Nick Lachey and Britney Spears.
At the local level, Josh Potter, president and founder of the Creighton chapter, wants to increase awareness about what is art and what is not. Since the Omaha entertainment scene is highly regarded nationally, it serves as a breeding ground for artistic integrity, according to Potter, who intends to keep it that way.

Potter wanted to establish a chapter in Omaha after his aunt saw the national president, Chris Jackson, talk about it on television about a year ago. Potter’s aunt thought it would be “right up his alley.”

So after several months of bargaining with the Student Activities Office, H.O.P.E. is now an official Creighton student organization. “Program Board doesn’t need a monopoly. Our role is to augment that programming,” Potter said.

In addition to educating the general consumer, H.O.P.E. also protests large media conglomerates such as Viacom and Clear Channel, which have been allowed by the Telecommunications Act of 1995. These media monopolies have such a stronghold on the market that they can release music and movies of low quality because it will not make a negative impact on their profits if no one buys them.

Potter suggests writing letters to local government officials, urging them to take a closer look at this legislation. He said that breaking up these conglomerates will instill competition in the media and, in essence, make everyone try harder. “People are starting to question the media,” Potter said.

Holding the media accountable is something that people have started to pick up on, thanks to Ashlee Simpson and Fox News, but there is a lot of progress to be made. In China, a Lip Sync Disclosure Law is being considered, which would make lip-syncing illegal. That would not be likely to pass in America, but a more realistic option would be a warning on concert tickets, letting consumers know that the possibility of lip-syncing exists.

As far as plans at Creighton, Potter already has a few ideas, even though the group is still in its fledgling stages. “We’re kind of hibernating first semester,” Potter said. “We have a lot of masters to please.”

The main event H.O.P.E. has planned is a benefit concert which would give the “gift of music” to local high school music programs, Potter said. Other proposed programs include an “Ethics in Media Forum,” in which selected Creighton philosophy and journalism professors, along with Omaha musicians, would dialogue with Creighton students about the state of the media in the 21st century; and a Musicians Festival, which would let singers and songwriters showcase their talents on a Friday afternoon on the mall. “It’s going to give a different perspective,” Bowles said.

Two informational meetings later in the semester will give students to get a closer look at what H.O.P.E. is, while also letting them give their opinions of what Omaha needs. “H.O.P.E.’s goal is to facilitate movement once the seeds of discontent are planted,” Potter said. “H.O.P.E. is all about alternatives.”



H.O.P.E. on Henry's Film Corner

Great news for fans of H.O.P.E.:

Champion of the arts Henry Rollins is celebrating our mission this month on his show on IFC. Check the link below for info on times and dates. And while you're there you can click on "Watch Henry's Video Clips" to see the H.O.P.E. feature. It's the second clip.




Do Not Watch Mind of Mencia

From our member D.H. Miller

It's not that becuase Carlos Mencia is crude, offensive and annoying (he is) that I want his show ("Mind of Mencia" on Comedy Central) off of the air; it is instead because it is both not funny and completely false advertising.

I would have expected more from the network that brings us great shows such as Reno 911, The Daily Show, South Park and Chappelle's Show (R.I.P.), but I guess Viacom needed a new hit so badly that they decided to get a no-name like Menica to host a show eerily similar in format and structure to Dave Chappelle's masterpiece.

Carlos Mencia, as IMDB.com will tell you, is not, as he would lead you to believe, Mexican. Carlos Mencia is actually half-Honduran and half-German, therefore making him NOT a "beaner" and eliminating the five 5 minutes of his show's premiere. In fact, his real name is not even 'Carlos Mencia,' it's Ned Holness! It turns out (and I'm not making this up, although it sounds like something out of a Chappelle's Show sketch) that the owner of the Comedy Store (located in Los Angeles) decided that Ned's name needed to (and I quote) "sound more Mexican," so he came up with a new name for poor Ned, the fake-Mexican, half-German, horrible comedian.

It is one thing to be offensive, I have no problem with people being offensive. Daniel Tosh is one of my favorite comedians and I'm surprised how successfull he has been since his entire act alienates most of the audience at one point or another. Ned "Carlos Mencia" Holness is offensive for the sake of being offensive and never seems to back it up with any decent jokes or observations. His comparing the present racial tensions with Arabs in America to Blacks in America could have been insightful if he didn't constantly use the name "Achmed" and describe the situation with the analogy "it's like a game of tag!" No, racism is not a game of tag "Carlos" and no joke should last more than 1 minute, let alone 5!!! When Dave Chappelle commented on racism, he did it cleverly and inventively, when Ned "Carlos Mencia" Holness does it, he rocks around like a drunked frat boy and describes how much he dislikes "Achmed" with a disturbingly glazed look in his eye.

The jab at Chappelle's show in the opening scene would have been funny if it didn't come off as Viacom acting like a spoiled second grader who got angry because another kid wouldn't share his cool new PSP game. Everything about the premiere had an undercurrent of anger and malice that poisoned the show. "Carlos" isn't funny as much as is he belligerent. "Mind of Mencia" needs to be kicked of the air, because it exactly the sort of pedestrian entertainment that your group fights against. For being unneccesarily offensive without being funny, for pretending to be something that he is not, for even attempting to take the place of the genius, Dave Chappelle,
"Carlos Mencia" needs to be kicked off the air and return doing voiceovers for "The Proud Family" on the Disney Channel, where horrible entertainers belong.

D.H. Miller (a proud supporter of the H.O.P.E. cause)


The IMDB profile for Carlos Mencia has been changed to downplay the Nedness of his name. Half-German isn't even there anymore. This may have something to do with the following sites making reference to the embarassing profile:

aint it cool
rabon rant
amazon reviews

Want more? Just do a google search for Ned Holness.



A Very Special H.O.P.E. message...

As a service to the public at large, H.O.P.E. is releasing a series of public service announcements to be played on Dickie Barrett's morning radio show on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles. The series of spots will serve as warnings about upcoming movies, music, and television as well as to inform listeners of H.O.P.E.'s mission. The first spots target media consolidation, The Man, and the abysmal Mind of Mencia.



and the Winner Is. . . . .

You may remember our recent ( in the geological sense ) contest about defacing the Ryan Seacrest star that was embarassing the Hollywood walk of fame. We did not realize we would be so overwhelmed with responses, especially during the organizational campaign for 2005. So it took us a little longer than we expected to choose a winner.

There were many great poop pictures, and some very random shots that we're not sure exactly what they mean, and a few "E" for effort entries. In the end, however, there was one clear winner. Matt Curtin attempted to re-sell the Ryan Seacrest star to the next highest bidder. After receiving his images, we went out and got Matt to stage an impromptu auction at his "sidewalk sale"... footage of which will be seen in the H.O.P.E. documentary.



Big Bird : Soon Brought To You By Viacom Ltd.

There is one place where advertising dollars and media consolidation can not impede the progress of good ideas, and can not drag programming quality into the craphole. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting uses federal dollars to fund public broadcasters, who in turn give us Civil War documentaries and Nova. Seriously, however, the public broadcasters (including NPR) are widely seen as one of the few unbiased sources of news information.

This one place exists because the government decided that instead of selling all the broadcast real estate out there, that they would hold onto a tiny little bit and fill it with programming without a money trail. So what's the problem?

The Republican chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on labor, health, and human services says that there is a liberal bias in CPB's programming choices. Because of this, he wants to dramatically slash the CPB funding over the next two years.

While we at H.O.P.E. are non-partisan, we will simply say that to axe the CPB for any reason is a terrible idea. Further cuts place our news-watching options in the hands of a smaller group, and eliminates a trusted source of news (especially foriegn news.)

Here is a nice way to influence the upcoming votes.

Here is an excellent history/writeup of the debate so far.

Here is an easy way to call your senator and influence this upcoming vote



Paris Hilton : Pre-Retired-Ish

Paris Hilton is going to stop making terrible entertainment, which would be a major victory except that it won't happen for "two years".

Can you imagine if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, or six months from now, or (God Forbid) 23 months from now? You would be smashed with the last months of your life ruined, and with the end of the tunnel in sight.



Gearing Back up . . .

The image “http://pinker.wjh.harvard.edu/photos/santa_barbara_california/images/flying%20pelican.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
H.O.P.E. is back on the air.

Sort of.

After spending the last few weeks speaking with organizers and pundits of like-minded causes, H.O.P.E. has managed to get our collective acts together. Posting is going to be down to one or two a week, tops.

This is not a sign of weakness, and H.O.P.E. has never been stronger. The website will be relaunched shortly with our own hosting and new features. Membership will be addressed in a more comprehensive manner and our enemies will be destroyed. We will drink their tears from a golden chalice, and become drunk off their sorrow.

In the meantime, remember how Paris Hilton is a celebrity? We know that not everyone on the television has to be penning The Great American Novel in their spare time, but is this lady for real?