Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: Everyone Loves Ryan Seacrest




Everyone Loves Ryan Seacrest

H.O.P.E. 's Chris Jackson and Hahu Lemon will be doing live radio today at 5:00 from the Ryan Seacrest star in Los Angeles. You can hear them on KPFK. Come join their effort to right this terrible wrong.

A sampling of quotes RE: Seacrest Star:

Note: Although these quotes are meant to be cute and funny, please read them as if they are completely serious to gauge how everyone really feels about this disgraceful situation.

-- "Listen, Simon," Randy Jackson said to Cowell during their ceremonial speech. "What would we say about this day?"

"Ill-deserved," the famously grumpy Cowell replied, dryly. "I cannot believe that April the 20th is going to be Ryan Seacrest Day. I am officially taking this day off my diary."

-- Seacrest, 30, a 15-year radio veteran, confessed, "I remember getting up this morning at 3:30 a.m. on my way in to do the morning show, and I thought, `One person is going to come today.' ... I thought this would be the most unpopular star dedication ever."

-- After the ceremony Seacrest told AP Television News, "I actually thought it was a joke when I heard that they were going to do this."