Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: At least it's not "Battle Bots"




At least it's not "Battle Bots"

The image “http://www.gazeta.ru/2003/02/27/images/demolish.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.From H.O.P.E. Board Member Greg Johnson:

There's a hideous new scam show on Comedy Central called "CON," hosted
by a camera-mugging faux-slob hipster with lots of "extreme 'tude"--but
the real "con" is on anyone unfortunate enough to watch the show in
search of an entertaining half-hour. The premise of the show is that a
guy with "no money" and absolutely "no connections" will use his guile
to con all sorts of Los Angeles folks out of valuable things for the TV
viewer's amusement. On one recent episode, our smug mastermind calls a
pizza parlor and--get this!--actually pretends that they got his order
wrong (!!!), after which the operator cheerfully agrees to send a
complimentary pizza to his house. This is entertainment?

But the centerpiece of the episode was an extended "con" in which the
protagonist promises that he will trick three models into cleaning his
friend's filthy apartment for NO COST. He advertises for models for a
photo shoot, and then tells three gullible female applicants that
they've got the job.

Upon arrival, they are met by a professional make-up artist, a full wardrobe of skimpy lingerie, and an arsenal of high-grade lighting and photographic equipment. Our "devious" host shoots plenty of photos of the girls thoroughly cleaning the toilets, bathtub, kitchen, etc., while occasionally retiring to the corner with his tiny erection to pitifully stifle his gleeful giggling.

When the cleaning is complete, he rewards the girls and his crew with a
personalized cake, presumably baked in honor of his 150th photo shoot.
The problem is of course, that the cost of hiring professional
photographic equipment and a make-up artist would far exceed the cost of
simply bringing in a maid for a few hours to get the job done--not to
mention the cost of the giant personalized cake, the model's outfits,
etc. Yet the opening sequence proudly boasts that our host has
absolutely "no money" and "no connections"...so how is he paying for all

Another problem is that he hasn't "conned" these girls at
all--they've now received prized national TV exposure for themselves and
their nearly-naked bodies, which is certainly more than they ever
expected when they took the sketchy no-pay photo-shoot job. The show is
CONsiderably more stupid and boring than we could ever CONvince you in a
few sentences, and how this dud ever slipped through Comedy Central's
supposedly stringent Quality CONtrol department is beyond us.

TMOI adds:

This show blows The Minister's mind. Why not have a show about a guy that is "of only average strength but can knock down buildings" and then have this guy hire a construction crew to demolish anything he wants. How amazing!!! How did he smash that wall with only his bare fists and that wrecking ball!?