Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment: God, I Love Our Members




God, I Love Our Members

From the Desk of Chris Jackson:

A H.O.P.E. operative in the field sent in this report. Please note the use of "family values" and conflicting/false messages being sent to the students all in an effort to sell crappy albums. These people are sick, will do anything to make a buck, and are not to be trusted or believed.

Every Time She Sells an Album, an Angel Gets Its Wings

Okay, at the beginning of the day- the announcements came on for my suburban middle school:


The person who came to our school was "Angel" hawking her CD "Believe in Angels, Believe in me" to celebrate VH1's "Save the Music" tour. How is this saving the music?

The table next to the entrance to the auditorium was filled with "Angel" advertisements-complete with CD coupon, one track single, and posters. The PR man who came out first gave away shirts and such, with no anti-drug messages.

The only anti-drug reference is a hint to go to

A site which, in my opinion, bends the truth a thousand times to make marijuana seem like a drug that if tried once will turn innocent children into street bums who accidentally shoot their brother and spend all their money on more drugs.

When they finally paraded "Angel" out in front of us kids she sang 4 songs said "Hope you're having fun!" and left.

Obviously her whole tour was to hawk her CD to middle school kids, not to preach her message of abstinence and staying clear of drugs.

Her male backup dancers were basically having sex with her on the stage in front of a bunch of 12 year old kids. This doesn't disturb me, but the fact that she preaches abstinence and then sells her CD with sex does.

They claimed "Angel" was an honor student (she's 16), but if she was an honor student wouldn't she at least want to talk to us about drugs at least?

Your Sickened Fan,